Worst Foods For High Cholesterol and Ways to Reduce High Cholesterol Levels

High Cholesterol Foods

Did you know that the food you eat plays a major role in building up plaque which makes the body produce too much cholesterol? This build-up of plaque blocks the blood flow and can lead to serious health conditions such as coronary heart diseases. In order to avoid this condition and keep your cholesterol levels down, it is necessary that you avoid certain foods and choose the right ones.

This article highlights a list of 8 high cholesterol foods.

Risk Factors of High Cholesterol

  1. Lack of exercise
  2. Unhealthy food habits
  3. Obesity
  4. Diabetes
  5. Smoking

8 Food Items High in Cholesterol

The recommended intake of cholesterol is around 300 mg per day. If you are someone with high cholesterol, below-mentioned are the high cholesterol foods to avoid:

1. Butter

Food Items High in Cholesterol

Being a rich, creamy delight used to cook many of the foods, butter is the favourite of many. But, it is also known for being unhealthy. Butter contains both saturated and trans fat which may increase the LDL or bad cholesterol level in your blood. It is also high in calories. 

2. Egg yolk

High Cholesterol Foods and Ways to Reduce High Cholesterol

Even though eggs are a great source of protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12, selenium, and choline, they are high in cholesterol. But, the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t raise the cholesterol levels the way trans fat and saturated fats do. A single large egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol, which is 62% of the daily recommended intake, and all these cholesterol is found in the yolk.

Eating 3 or 4 eggs a week is perfectly okay for healthy people. If you are someone who loves egg and has high cholesterol, avoid the yolk and eat the white part.

3. Fried foods

High Cholesterol Foods and Ways to Reduce High Cholesterol

Fried foods, including deep-fried meats, french fries, and cheese sticks are super high in cholesterol, and you should avoid them whenever possible. They are loaded with calories and contain trans fat which increases your risk of heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes.

4. Soda

Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda are the main culprits that increase bad cholesterol levels. They contain a lot of sugar and calories. If you are a daily soda drinker, know that you are putting yourself at risk of numerous health problems, including heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more. To curb your habit of drinking sugary beverages, find healthy alternatives such as low-calorie or low sugar diet soda. But, regardless of it being low-sugar or low calorie, drinking soda is very bad for your health.

5. Cheese 

Cheese is an excellent source of both calcium and protein, but it can increase your cholesterol levels. One hundred grams of cheddar cheese contains 105 grams of cholesterol. However, there are different cheese varieties, and they all contain different amounts of fat and cholesterol. 

Low cholesterol cheeses include:

  • Fat-free cream cheese (1 mg cholesterol per tablespoon)
  • Part-skim mozzarella cheese (18 mg cholesterol per ounce)
  • Low fat cottage cheese ( 6 mg cholesterol per ounce)

If you can’t resist yourself from eating cheese, choose low-fat versions of cheese and limit your portions. Check the nutrition label before you buy low-fat cheese as the cholesterol amounts may vary between different brands.

It is always best to avoid cheese if you are a high cholesterol patient. 

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6. Shellfish

High Cholesterol Foods and Ways to Reduce High Cholesterol

Shellfish, including crab, shrimp, and clams are said to be a great source of protein, vitamin B, selenium, and iron. They are also high in cholesterol content. It contains bioactive compounds such as carotenoid antioxidants as well as the amino acid taurine that lowers LDL cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. Therefore shellfish is a healthy high cholesterol food that you can include in your diet.

However, it is always best to ask for expert medical advice before taking shellfish. You can also consult a doctor online

7. Sardines

High Cholesterol Foods and Ways to Reduce High Cholesterol

Just like shellfish, sardines are also one of the healthy high cholesterol foods. 100 g of sardines contain 142 mg of cholesterol. They are rich in protein, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and selenium. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and also improves brain health. 

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8. Cookies, cakes, and ice creams

Cookies, cakes, and ice creams are certainly a bad option if you are someone with high cholesterol. These are unhealthy foods that are high in added sugars, fat, and calories. It increases LDL cholesterol levels, thereby increasing your risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Also, they are devoid of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins that keep your body healthy. 

Easy Ways to Reduce High Cholesterol

Making necessary changes in your diet as well as lifestyle can very well reduce your cholesterol to healthy levels. These include:

  • Eat foods rich in fibers and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Physical exercises (especially high-intensity workouts)
  • Limiting alcohol and quitting smoking

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